Friendship Circle Presidents Board

Presidents are chosen from each school to based on their commitment and dedication to the Friendship Circle.  

Their responsibilities include: 

 - Attending monthly meetings to brainstorm ideas, plan programs, and provide volunteer feedback. 

- Act as liaisons between the FC Staff and the FC volunteers in their schools. They help to recruit new volunteers, to keep current volunteers informed about ongoing programs, and to ensure that each FC program has sufficient volunteers.

- Attend volunteer events on a regular basis.

- Volunteer at FC programs on a regular basis.

- Dream of new ideas to bring the Friendship Circle to the next level. The Presidents act as leaders for their fellow volunteers and show excitement and initiative.

 Golda Och Academy

Sophia Friedman

Sophie Wainberg

Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School

Binyamin Brickman

Naomi Gottlieb

Nina Kahn

Jessica Lewinter

Abigail Rubin 

Gideon Rubin  

Livingston High School

Sydney Becker

Ethan Diamond

 Millburn High School

Julie Averbach

Arielle Fried

Lydia Simon

Heritage Middle School

Amanda Neff  

The Pingry School

Matthew Fromm

Bruriah High School

Arielle Wenig 

Randolph High School

Jordyn Michaels

 Morristown High School

Alison Fleischman 

 Morristown Beard School

Ruby Schechner 

Millburn Middle School

Wesley Gelman