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Friendship Circle LifeTown
10 Microlab Road
Livingston, NJ 07039
(973) 251-0200
Fax (973) 251-0202

Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum
Phone: 973-251-0203
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Toba Grossbaum

Phone: 973-251-0204
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Rabbi Yisroel Rosenblum
Living Legacy
Phone: 973-251-0205
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Chavi Rosenblum
Program Director
Phone: 973-251-0206
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Levi Grossbaum
Director of Operations
Phone: 973-251-0218
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Esty Grossbaum
Jr. Division Program Director
Phone: 973-251-0207
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Marissa Lapinsky
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 973-251-0201
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Faygie Holt
Director of Communications

Phone: 973-251-0210
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Jason Campbell
Therapy Director

Robyn Krieger

Sheina Herrera
Program Assistant

Yocheved Kaplitt
Program Assistant

Chanie Sagorsky
Office Assitant